Attendance Procedure
A note or a telephone call from home is required for all absences. A parent/guardian may call the office at 447-6364, extension 4030, to leave a message, or write a note indicating your name, date of absence, reason, and parent signature. Excused absences include those caused by personal illness, family crisis or exceptional circumstances approved by the principal or principal's designee. Examples of unexcused absences are truancy, babysitting, shopping, haircuts, running errands, etc.
Planned Absences
We encourage all family vacations to be planned during school vacation times. Many classroom experiences cannot be replicated. If you are going to be absent for one or more days for a vacation or family outing, you must pick up an Excused Absence Form from the office. The form must be signed by each teacher and returned to the office with a note from a parent at least five school days prior to the absence. Arrangements for make-up work will be your responsibility. You should make these arrangements with your teachers prior to leaving. Some work may be provided in advance, but most will have to be completed soon after returning and time for make-up work will be provided.
Early Dismissal
You must bring a signed note from your parent/guardian to the office before school if you need to be dismissed early. A dismissal slip will be given to you.
Absence Procedure
The purpose of the absence procedure is to ensure that you maintain a good attendance record and comply with New Hampshire State Law. The State and the Kennett Middle School community recognize the positive relationship between good attendance and success in our schools. We also understand that some absences are unavoidable and beyond your control. Therefore, these procedures have been developed to ensure you are attending school on a consistent and regular basis.
1. Your parent or guardian should call the office on the morning of each day’s absence, whenever possible. Every effort will be made to contact your home on the day of the absence or the next day. If we do not hear from the parent or guardian after two attempts, the absence will be considered unexcused.
2. After 10 consecutive or 20 total days absence, a conference will be held with you, your parents/guardians, the Guidance Counselor, and the Nurse. A status report and action plan will be developed and forwarded to the office.
Tardy Procedure
The purpose of our tardy procedure is to develop the importance of responsibility and punctuality. We feel this is an important lesson for you to learn. However, we acknowledge that sometimes circumstances are beyond your control. If you are tardy to school, you must report directly to the reception office to obtain a tardy slip. If you are tardy, you must have either a note from a parent or we must receive a telephone call explaining the reason for each late arrival. The first five tardies of the marking term will be considered excused, no matter what the reason. Starting with the sixth tardy, all tardies will be considered unexcused unless you come with a note from a dentist, doctor, or legal documentation. Each unexcused tardy will result in an office detention.
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